You Are Already at Risk

Will Worker's Compensation take care of you?

When you have suffered a work injury, how you proceed matters.  If you don't ask the right questions or ask for the right kind of care, you could be waiting, waiting, waiting.......

In the meantime, while you wait, you are getting yourself closer to a disabling condition.

Injuries are NOT Forgiving

This is because injuries are not forgiving.  When you suffer a traumatic injury or repetitive strain,  it forever changes your body.  Even if your injury appears to heal quickly or it is perceived as a mild or moderate injury, take nothing for granted.

What happens if you injure yourself again in the future?  Will past injuries affect how you recover the second or third time around?

What if you are not quite sure you are getting the best health care?

What if you are not back to work, yet your employer's insurance carrier says there is nothing wrong with you?  Should you go back to work and risk a worse injury?

Your Independence.  Your Freedom.

I'm not looking to get you the million dollar settlements.  But I am concerned that you, the reader have the best possible health for the rest of your life.  Especially your retirement.  While your job is your livelihood a poor health outcome  can take away your independence.

What can you do?  Get information.

I wrote my ebook: Managing a Work Injury from the chiropractic side of the “work injury machine.” I call it a machine because the culture of “work injury attitudes” defies logic due to a manipulated economy. I've dealt with the Worker's Compensation system in New York State for many years and I detest what my patients have had to face.

With your ebook purchase I am offering a free mini-coaching session.

If you would like a sneak peek as to what is provided in the ebook, there is a short sample on the Amazon site.